[VIDEO] I’m A Daddy and I Know It


Yesterday we posted a hilarious car commercial turned mommy rap video. Because we didn’t want you dads to think we forgot about you, we’re sharing this LMFAO parody that’s sure to put a smile on your face no matter how much of a jerkface your boss is.

You’ve gotta hand it to the guy, this is a great video that many modern fathers can relate to. From juggling diapers to trading your weighted workout vest for a six-year-old, to taking your brood to the local warehouse shopping center, daddies have their work cut out for them. As many of you can attest, hilarity often follows even our most mundane daily routines when you add toddlers to the mix – which is why I’m so amazed that he and his wife were able to get that many kids to cooperate long enough to shoot this YouTube sensation. You think any of the starlets had a meltdown when her M&M’s weren’t separated or that she was given non-organic apple juice? Yeah, me neither.

But did you notice the cage around the Christmas tree? Looks like someone learned the hard way that any and all presents/ornaments that can be touched will undoubtedly be opened prematurely/thrown like water balloons at a birthday party in July. All kidding aside, it sure is safer than the barbed wire and hot sauce my parents used as a deterrent after the fiasco of Christmas of ’89.


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