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Johnson & Johnson Distinctly Dad

Father’s Day just passed and sometimes you have to wonder if that is an overlooked holiday.  The throw in holiday to go along with Mother’s Day which is treated like a far superior day of the year. That day is all about flowers, cards, breakfast in bed, dinners, and gifts.  Father’s Day gets you a beer and a lawn to mow.  I kid of course, but Johnson & Johnson is putting together an effort called #howloveworks which is a journey to discover how love has such a powerful impact on those we care about most. We’ll explore evidence and anecdote, science and story.  Their first effort in this effort is a short movie entitled “Distinctly Dad” that introduces us to  three dads who are positively impacting their children’s lives. Just by being dads. And we learn that one of the most difficult things for fathers to realize… is how irreplaceable they are.  It’s funny because until you become a dad I just don’t think you understand how important your role is in the raising of your children.

Take a few minutes to watch the film and see if you agree with how these dads are impacting the lives of their children.

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