Happy Birthday…for a car?

I have to admit that I usually don’t post things like this, but it is a really cute video and with my son’s birthday coming up in 17 days I couldn’t resist.  Now that I have  a kid I sometimes thing what will this place be like when he is my age.  Will pollution be taking over to the point that the thought of him having a child is not something he would consider?  Will the world still be a place where wars break out because someone wants your oil?  Well with the advance in hybrid cars and environmental laws maybe we can take steps to change that.  For those looking to go a step beyond a hybrid you can check out the birthday boy – the Nissan Leaf.  For someone like me who spends most of his time commuting to and from the train, running errands, and taking the kid to various things he is involved in this is a great little car.  be sure to send your love by using #LeafBday on Twitter and do your part to make this a better planet.