BREAKING: Hell’s Kitchen’s Gordon Ramsay Doesn’t Cuss Out Team Umizoomi

If your otherwise polite little snowflake suddenly drops an F-Bomb because you burned his mac & cheese (again!), you can’t blame it on Hell’s Kitchen’s notorious bad boy, chef Gordon Ramsay. At least not this time.

Chef Ramsay broke kayfabe during his recent Team Umizoomi spot on Nickelodeon. As per usual, some dunderhead screws up in magnificent fashion, and suffers Ramsay’s wrath but this time the celebrity chef enlists the help of a few familiar faces in Milli, Geo, and Bot from Team Umizoomi.

Considering we’re in the middle of the eleventh season of the Hell’s Kitchen reality TV series, I wouldn’t be surprised if Chef Ramsay’s next cash cow does land him on the cartoon channel more often. I can see it now: Krusty Krab Kooking Klasses with Chef Ramsay. Kids will learn how to cook a proper mac & cheese entree, which isn’t the worst thing considering your culinary skills were the cause of junior’s outburst to begin with.

Not to worry, concerned parents, no foul language will be uttered so as not to further corrupt your little ones (exceptions: chicken and turkey). If that doesn’t seem as interesting now, Nick Mom’s outrageous TV block will have the uncensored version chock full of filthy words(like peas or green beans) later at night.