Ring in the New Year With the Hopside Down Beer Glass

Five, four, three, two, one… Happy new year! Slip a kiss to the Mrs. then put your glass in the air as you foolishly proclaim this is the year you keep your New Year’s Resolution – which just so happens to involve more salads and exercise and far less time sitting on your duff watching reruns of ‘Home Improvement‘. No matter how unlikely your goal is for 2012, at least you can raise the coolest glass at the party thanks to our friends at ThinkGeek.

This hand blown glass features an upside down beer bottle design and holds 12oz. of your favorite adult beverage – or apple juice in case you happen to be hosting the play date. Now you can drink whatever lame-o brand you want without being ridiculed by your beer snob friends.

Make it your resolution to get the Hopside Down Beer Glass before you end up on the next funny beer commercial.  Cheers!

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