Gift for Dad: Joy in the Home Bundle

Most dads have two overly simplified goals when it comes to raising kids: keep Johnny out of the clink and keep Suzy off the pole. Is that really too much to ask? Take an honest look at the world and you’ll concur that we live in a toxic culture. How can we as dads make sure our kids turn out alright? Truth be told, we can’t. We all know some great parents whose kids turned out rotten. Conversely, we’ve seen dirt bag parents with exceptionally well-rounded offspring. Don’t give up the good fight, dad. Need help? Then pick up a copy of the Joy in the Home Bundle from Wretched Radio.

I must warn you though; this is not for everyone.  The basis for the lessons learned are founded in the Bible. You won’t be lectured or offered any principles, so don’t worry. If you are an atheist or just do not want to be bothered by this religious stuff, move along, I don’t wish to waste any of your time. But before you go, ask yourself this, don’t we all have the same two overly simplified goals mentioned above? Exactly, now let’s get to the good stuff.

The Joy in the Home Bundle consists of  the Drive By Marriage and Drive By Parenting CD series. Each series consists of several 15-minute lessons spread across multiple discs making it easy to listen on your drive to work.  You won’t find any “10 Steps to a happy Marriage” or “5 Foolproof Ways to Get Your Kid to Make You a Sammich.” Instead, you’ll find practical advice on how to better communicate with your wife and kids as well as things to consider when deciding how to discipline the kids.

As a product of divorce, I can tell you that having a loving and peaceful home is paramount in raising healthy kids. It took me years to undo the damage caused during my youth. I wish my parents had these cds available to them all those years ago.

Have you ever wondered how to forget the past? Go through the series with your wife and see if it doesn’t bring you two closer together. What I found most beneficial were the lessons on how to “argue.” Sometimes we guys like to fight dirty just to win an argument and we all know who really loses in the end.

Best selling author Tedd Tripp joins Todd Friel to discuss an adventure like no other: Parenthood. This series offers you 31 “snack size” lectures on a variety of topics aimed at helping you along the journey of parenthood. Not only will you learn how to talk to your kids and how to develop good character, but also how to handle teenagers especially when it comes to goals, sex, and dating.

From the Drive By Parenting description:

Most parenting methods teach parents how to control a child’s behavior.
One visit to Chuck E. Cheese’s should tell us that isn’t working out.
Why? While we might be able to modify behavior (at least while the child
knows we are looking), modern methods do not address the foundational problem.
Behavior modification says: change the behavior and you change the child.
Biblical parenting says: change the heart and you change the behavior.

Some of what they have to say hurts to hear at times because no one likes to believe that they didn’t do something the right way or that they have been doing something that could potentially bring harm to their loved ones. It has once been said that these feelings are called “growing pains.” Just as your body hurt from time to time as a child, so too does your heart as you grow as a man.

I challenge any dad to sit down and listen to what these Drive By series have to offer. See if it doesn’t impact your life and the life of the ones you love most. So what do you say, dad? Are you up to the challenge? Is it worth a shot to keep from having your own facebook/laptop fiasco?

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