App Review: Chuck and Friends – Friends For The Long Haul

Christmas time brings us two things: presents and more sugar-filled treats than we should consume. While you may still be recovering from a turkey induced coma from Thanksgiving last week, others are full of Christmas cheer and the urge to spend every last dime they have – which leads me to my next point…

Your little guy has a fascination with all things technology – how else can you explain why he refuses to stand more than three inches from the TV when Sponge Bob is on? Like most little geeks, he’ll undoubtedly try to claim your all of your iDevices as his own. While we may not exactly practice what we preach about sharing being a good thing, sometimes we must set a good example.

Thanks to Ruckus Media Group,  the company that gave you the My Little Pony App,   your son can play with something that doesn’t involve flipping the bird. I introduce to you the Chuck and Friends storybook app.  Let junior follow along as the app as the narrator reads him the story or let him give it a go on his own. Don’t worry about him getting bored, through out the story are several educational games that help make the story come to life for your young reader.

My kids love this app and I strongly suggest you get this app before you head over the river and through the woods to grandma’s house.

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