Win a Once-In-A-Minion Giveaway

13 Jun

If you have a kid at home that is ready for movies you know you are going to go see Despicable Me 2 when it comes out on July 3.  I mean how can you resist those little minions causing mischief all over Gru’s lab?  Well if you are going to go see that you […]

TV Dads! — What Should I Get My Dad for Father’s Day?

12 Jun

Not all dads have time, energy or the desire to be stylish. Often, the daily grind and practical needs of raising a family cancel a tailored wardrobe. Some of the coolest characters on television look fantastic and the average dad can pick up some tips from TV’s best-dressed dads. Depending on what channels you have […]

Sully the Sheep is Inspiring

28 May

After a day with the kids while mommy is out enjoying some quiet time I like to take a break and work on my yet to be realized guitar skills.  I feel that if I learn to play an instrument that when my kids are in school it will be easier to get them interested […]

5 Reasons Dads Hate “Eco” Water Bottles

8 May

Why am I pouring all this Haterade on this green initiative? Glad you asked, reader. Here’s five reasons we guys absolutely hate “eco” water bottles.

Being A Dad Just Got A Whole Lot More Fun With Cooper & Kid

6 May

The guys from Cooper & Kid look to help you spend more quality time with your children with their boxful of themed projects.

Note To Dad: ‘The Passionate Mom’ Will Change Her Life

5 May

It’s never too late to begin parenting the way you want. Find out how to get started with The Passionate Mom: Dare to Parent in Today’s World.

BREAKING: Hell’s Kitchen’s Gordon Ramsay Doesn’t Cuss Out Team Umizoomi

29 Apr

If your otherwise polite little snowflake suddenly drops an F-Bomb because you burned his mac & cheese (again!), you can’t blame it on Hell’s Kitchen’s notorious bad boy, chef Gordon Ramsay. At least not this time.

Old Spice…That’s Fresh

26 Apr

As a dad I understand what it means to keep your cool and stay fresh all day long.  The pressure of chasing around a toddler and changing a newborn can make any guy not so fresh. Luckily Old Spice is delivering all day freshness….in a bar!  Not only are they keeping you fresh all day […]

Why It’s Okay To Play With Your Balls

4 Apr

Testicular cancer is no laughing matter. Unless Dianne Feinstein has it, then we’ll make an exception.

Disney On Ice: Dare to Dream – A Night Not Soon Forgotten

15 Mar

If there’s one thing Disney knows how to do, it’s make you feel like a kid all over again.