Your Kid Probably Owes Sony Money; Checks Accepted

I completely understand when people try to make a little bit of extra money. Some savings here, selling some sperm there. It’s a good thing we all started storing away extra sperm during college. Why are you all backing away? Oh let he who hath not saved for a rainy day cast the first cannonball.

It’s just a little disgusting when a major corporation tries to bleed every last drop from consumers and their cute little kids.

Consumerist reader Samantha wrote in to let us know that a YouTube video of her baby daughter goofing around while “The Codfish Ball” plays in the background had been flagged by YouTube because the tune playing “may have content that is owned or licensed by Sony Music Entertainment.” YouTube didn’t pull the video, but did put an ad on the clip. Rather than argue with YouTube over their claim or have her family video used to make money for Sony, Samantha pulled the video and re-uploaded to Vimeo.

I love Samantha’s piss and vinegar. It’s an old family recipe. No, seriously good for herfor not letting Sony slap ads on a harmless little video of her daughter dancing around to a song. It’s inspired me as well. I’ll support her by taking down my YouTube clip of a naked interpretive dance to Wind Beneath My Wings by Ms. Bette Midler. I hope you’re happy Sony. Taking this little girl and my velvet orbs away from our fans.

Is That Video Of Your Dancing Baby Violating Sony’s Copyright?
[The Consumerist]

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