World’s Oldest Newlywed Couple Proves You Don’t Get Smarter With Age

The World's Oldest Newlywed Couple

Being old must be boring. Nothing to do but soak your joints, watch CBS and complain your kids never call. Unless, you know, your kids have been dead for a decade. After the age of 90 there really must be nothing better to do because these two old codgers decided to get married. The Daily Mail explains…

Wine, whiskey and fried food probably wouldn’t top any doctor’s list of how to live longer. But they’ve clearly not done much harm to Forrest Lunsway and Rose Pollard, who became the world’s oldest newlyweds when they married in California at a combined age of 193.

Now the couple have shared their advice on marriage and longevity in the first interview since they tied the knot on Forrest’s 100th birthday in March.

His advice was..”Now what was it…damn it. Maybe I wrote it down. I put a slip of paper on the front table by my meds so I wouldn’t forget. Where the hell are my reading glasses? I left them on the night stand before I went to bed after lunch. Found them. Ok, let me see if I can read my writing. Ah right, advice. DON’T GET MARRIED.”

I’m paraphrasing.

World’s oldest newlyweds give marriage tips… and reveal secret to longevity is wine, whiskey and fried food [Daily Mail]