Shoplifting Mom Runs Out Of JCPenney But Forgets Baby

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...and all I got was this lousy sign.

Mom follows the rules of the Godfather. Take the pleated slacks. Leave the kid. Clemenza would have been proud.

After stealing merchandise from JCPenney’s junior department Saturday, two women made it through the store’s exit doors without being caught, according to a police report. But when JCPenney employees saw the women left a 10-month-old behind, it was over.

Can you fault these women? I mean sometimes I leave JCPenney’s so damn excited at the chubby-enducing purchases I’d forget my kid too. Such deals! Housewares, men’s briefs, hosiery and brands like Arizona and “Because You’re Not So Poor For Sears”.

Whitaker, and an unidentified woman with her, went into a dressing room with clothes to try on and came out with $256 worth of merchandise hidden in a JCPenney bag, police records show.

Wait? They stole $256 dollars worth of stuff? Isn’t that like the whole store? Minus the gold jewelry of course. I’ve had an ID bracelet on lay-away at my Penney’s since 1986. Some day. Some. Day.

Shoplifter runs out of JCPenney but forgets baby, police say [Sun Sentinel]

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