Parents Can Now Watch Their Little Leaguer Screw Up Online

26 Aug

Parents have a responsibility to take interest in whatever activity their kid chooses to participate. It sucks. I mean it sucks now, being a parent, because I’ll have to suffer through school plays, soccer games and the kid karate punching the air and praying it doesn’t punch back.

At least if I can’t make my son’s little league game I can watch it on my laptop.

But what is most startling about technology is the ways it may soon be changing youth baseball at the recreation field around the corner. The biggest change: if you can’t be in the bleachers for your child’s game, snap open your laptop or reach for your smartphone. In an ambitious plan, Youth Sports Live is striking deals with local leagues around the country to make that possible by installing and maintaining Webcams at local baseball and softball fields. Games can be replayed on demand. Subscribers to the site are charged $14.95 per month or can buy access for an entire season. They can also purchase games on DVD for $19.95.

The thought of spending $15 bucks a month to watch my kid run from bees in the outfield and let grounders squirt through his legs hurts my head and wallet. Plus the pressure this puts on kids is now quadrupled. Do something dumb on a baseball field just five years ago and the only people to witness were both teams and random parents. Now a kid’s screw-up will be shot all across the internet and live forever on YouTube.


Run Louie! Run Louie! Imagine what his father was yelling into his smartphone at the office. Bet it rhymed with “Noopid Fit”.

As a kid I was always happy to see my parents in the crowd. Sports, school events or whatever. It meant someone gave a crap that I’m up on stage in a green turtle neck with pipe cleaners for antennas. I didn’t realize how much they hated being there. It’s not that they didn’t love me or weren’t proud it’s just most elementary school plays aren’t getting nominated for a Tony. They just sucked it up, cancelled other plans, and showed up every time.

I plan on doing the same. Heavily medicated.

Can’t Make Your Child’s Game? Break Out the Laptop – [New York Times]

2 Responses to “Parents Can Now Watch Their Little Leaguer Screw Up Online”

  1. Terry August 26, 2010 at 9:55 am #

    In stead of telling the same stories over and over again every Christmas we can watch the same videos… You can exaggerate stories, videos, not so much. I hate using…Not so much… Put it this way….. Do I like when people use…not so much?….. Not so much.

    • nOOb Dad August 26, 2010 at 10:03 am #

      Everyone gather round, we are gonna watch Timmy take a line drive to the nuts again!