Old Kid Torture= Scared Straight. New Kid Torture= Car Wash.

Look, I’m all for torturing children. Fine. Gently torturing. Especially if they are being a whiny little prick in the car. “Shut up, we aren’t going to pass a Toys R’ Us! Stop asking! That sign doesn’t say Toys R’ Us. Damn it. I knew I never should have let you learn to read.”

While I agree with getting kids to do what you want Abu Ghraib style, I’m not sure I approve of 1) documenting the act 2) captioning it like the kid is an LOL Cat and 3) posting it online for the world to laugh at for a couple seconds. That’s cruel and unusual punishment.

David at the dentist was humorous. This is more “David At The Therapist.” Well, it eventually will be.