Does Your Kid Need Poop Gloves?

Germ freaks. I understand you. I’m not super crazy about keeping myself one hundred feet from every public surface but I’m related to a couple germ freaks that carry hand sanitizer like it’s cash, pulling it out every five seconds and offering it up. “Here, you probably don’t want to die either, take this. Take it!”

The Potty Mitts might be taking things a little too far.

Worry no more about taking your toddler into the bathroom at the mall or a fast food restaurant! Potty Mitts are a new approach to protecting your child from germs in public bathrooms because kids touch everything! Place disposable Potty Mitts on your child and their hands are protected no matter what they touch (toilet seat, floors, walls, flushing handles). Even liquids won’t penetrate through! Each mitt is decorated with playful bears so kids love to wear them! Potty Mitts are a “must-have” for families on-the-go!

Agreed. Public restrooms are dirty but nothing so mutant lives inside that washing ands and applying sanitizer (Here! Here! I’ve got more! I’ve got it in a super soaker!) won’t kill. What happens when kids in public without parents or the poop gloves? They just hold it? Freak out and not touch anything? Poop their underoos?

Are these mitts really necessary?

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