Mom Leaves 2-Year-Old Naked, Alone In Truck, Admits She “Sucks”

Drunk moms are nothing new around here. Drunk moms that can down an entire bottle of Captain Morgans and then leave their kid alone in a truck while they go out “hiking”. First time for everything.

When they approached the truck they found a young girl sleeping in the back seat, covered with a blanket. Her mother’s purse was on the front passenger seat floor, along with an empty 750 ml bottle of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, according to the arrest report. Keys to the pickup were found on the front passenger seat. When the child woke up, she said that her mother had been driving the pickup truck but she didn’t know where her “mommy” was. The toddler also told a deputy that she was hungry and thirsty, according to the sheriff’s report.

The Forest Rangers catch up with mom a couple miles away and she was nice enough to explain the whole situation and then unleash the newest catchphrase to finally usurp “My bad”.

Camp also said she had been drinking the bottle of rum, which had been three-quarters full when she started drinking, the report stated. She refused to take a breath test, the report stated. When they asked Camp if she wanted to make a statement or answer questions, she told deputies, “It’s OK, I suck.”

Yup. Using that defense for the rest of my days.

Here is a sketch of a man believed to have something to do with the case.

Naked Child Found In Truck, Spiced Rum On Floor, Mom Gone – [Denver News 7]

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