It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!


Christmas time is supposed to bring feelings of gladness and joy, filling your head with thoughts of peace and good will toward men. That is unless you’re one of the seven on the extra naughty list who were arrested and charged with battery, resisting arrest, reckless conduct and disorderly conduct. You know you’re a failure as a parent when you start a brawl at Chuck E. Cheese.

It was reported that two kids had an argument then escalated quickly after the parents got involved. I imagine it went like this

Sugar-buzzed Kid: Ha, ha! You call that a pile of tickets? Look at this!

Caffeinated Kid: Yeah? Well yo’ Mama so poor, she strips at Chuck E. Cheese for tokens.

Not Exactly Sugar-buzzed Mom: Oh no he didn’t!

The rest is a little foggy, but chairs were thrown and blood was shed.  When police finally arrived (couldn’t have taken long as Krispy Kreme is right next door) they were forced to use pepper spray after the melee continued despite the presence of badge, which just barely overpowered the stench of sweat and vomit.

Moral of the story: the next time your kids begs you to take him to the hipster rat place, tell him, “Just as soon as I get my camera.”

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