Bad Parenting: Letting Dad Shop

Don't let daddy shop with the baby

As a parent and an adult there are certain you have to do a few times a month.  One of those things is going grocery shopping and when you have a little one you usually have to bring them.  Now the grocery store knows that kids will be in the store ad position every cartoon character at eye level of a shopping car.  Can’t put the bran and fiber cereals at grabbing level can you???!!  Adding to the fun near us is the Shoprite that has shopping carts with cars attached to the front.  This allows for some great tantrums and serious overcrowding in the aisles.  I try to let me wife shop be she goes off list and that gets pricey – you can’t go off list!   I am not perfect but I will never toss my kid in a shopping cart and pile food around him like some sort of frozen quick sand.