Kid Proof Your Phone with LifeProof

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As a parent of a three year old and a 6 month old little boy I know that they both like to think anything they can touch belongs to them no matter what I say.  Unfortunately that includes electronics, money, credit cards, car keys, and my mobile phone.  My iPhone is not a fan of baby slobber, spilled milk, and being dropped or tossed from varying heights.  Luckily I protect my phone with a case from LifeProof which take my fragile phone and gives it the ability to withstand everyday life around my house.

What Lifeproof does that other cases don’t do it actually create a barrier between the environment and your phone.  It will protect from water, drops, dirt, and most anything else you can think of – including kids.  Not only does it offer protection from drops in a toilet it does so without creating a bulky and uncomfortable feel.  I mean you spent all that money on a lightweight cutting edge phone – you don’t want to have it feel like a brick of rubber.  LifeProof is having a contest to see how how truly LifeProof your case is.  Just submit your Instagram video to for your chance to win a LifeProof and BestBuy prize pack!

Check out this list of benefits and features that LifeProof cases deliver for your phone.

  • First screen-free, all-protective case on the market
  • Thinnest and lightest all-protective case available
  • Fully submersible and waterproof
  • Built to survive a 6.6 ft./2m. drop and exceeds military specifications for shock, drop and vibration protection.
  • Totally sealed from dirt and dust
  • Maximum sound output and clarity
  • Anti-reflective optical glass camera lens

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