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Importance of Dads

21 Jun

      Father’s Day just passed and sometimes you have to wonder if that is an overlooked holiday.  The throw in holiday to go along with Mother’s Day which is treated like a far superior day of the year. That day is all about flowers, cards, breakfast in bed, dinners, and gifts.  Father’s Day […]

Experience the Cheetahpult

27 Jun

If you need to find something to do while sitting at work enjoying your lunch – which should include some new Cheetos Mixups – you should give the Cheetos Cheetahpult a try.  How many points can you rack up launching little cheesy treats across a bunch of rooms?  Give it a try, come back, and […]

Win a Once-In-A-Minion Giveaway

13 Jun

If you have a kid at home that is ready for movies you know you are going to go see Despicable Me 2 when it comes out on July 3.  I mean how can you resist those little minions causing mischief all over Gru’s lab?  Well if you are going to go see that you […]

BREAKING: Hell’s Kitchen’s Gordon Ramsay Doesn’t Cuss Out Team Umizoomi

29 Apr

If your otherwise polite little snowflake suddenly drops an F-Bomb because you burned his mac & cheese (again!), you can’t blame it on Hell’s Kitchen’s notorious bad boy, chef Gordon Ramsay. At least not this time.

Old Spice…That’s Fresh

26 Apr

As a dad I understand what it means to keep your cool and stay fresh all day long.  The pressure of chasing around a toddler and changing a newborn can make any guy not so fresh. Luckily Old Spice is delivering all day freshness….in a bar!  Not only are they keeping you fresh all day […]

Portlandia: Parenting Advice

22 Feb

Parenting advice

Having welcomed our second child into the mix in January we are once again trying to figure out what the hell we are doing.  Apparently just because you have one child doesn’t mean you have mastered anything because for some reason kids are all different.  The newbie has two settings – noisy sleep and screaming […]

Kids will get excited for anything

5 Feb

funny baby videos

Babies and toddlers will usually go by the beat of their own drummer.  They tend to find crazy things funny, odd foods delicious, and horrible music amazing.  This little lady loves her Gangman Style so much it will bring her out of a deep sleep for some serious car seat action. Technorati Tags: baby, funny […]

[VIDEO] I’m A Daddy and I Know It

25 Jan

Check out this LMFAO parody for dads.

Now I’ve Seen it All: Motherhood Gangster Rap Video

24 Jan

Check out this hilarious new car ad aimed at moms.

Conan Corrupts Children

9 Nov

You have to love it when your child can’t sleep and you want to watch some basic cable light night talk shows.  Well who is more innocent than the red headed wonder that is Conan O’Brien? Well maybe the next time he has Sarah Silverman on you try to get those kids to sleep a […]