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For the iPad Dad – 3 Must-Have Accessories

12 Jul

It’s been said that clothes make the man, but in the 21st century, tech accessories are where it’s at. Find out what The N00b Dad thinks are the best options for your iPad.

Gift for Dad: Joy in the Home Bundle

14 Feb

Most dads have two overly simplified goals when it comes to raising kids: keep Johnny out of the clink and keep Suzy off the pole. Is that really too much to ask? Take an honest look at the world and you’ll concur that we live in a toxic culture. How can we as dads make sure our kids turn out alright? Truth be told, we can’t. We all know some great parents whose kids turned out rotten. Conversely, we’ve seen dirt bag parents with exceptionally well-rounded offspring. Don’t give up the good fight, dad. Need help? Then pick up a copy of the Joy in the Home Bundle from Wretched Radio.

Geek Dad Gadget: Sanus XF228 Full-Motion Mount

25 Jan

When it comes to protecting and properly displaying the ultimate HDTV, you’d be foolish to skimp now and get anything other than this. With a plethora of cool features, a reasonable price, and the strength of Sampson, the Sanus XF228 is not going to leave you feeling buyer’s remorse.

Cool Toy of the Day: Power Rangers Samaurai

11 Jan

Remember that show you used to watch as a kid in school? Yeah, well they’ve revamped the series more times than Zack Taylor has been pulled over for driving while black. Power Rangers not only changed up the show every other year for the past two decades, but they rolled out a new toy line […]

Ring in the New Year With the Hopside Down Beer Glass

26 Dec

Make it your resolution to get the Hopside Down Beer Glass before you end up on the next funny beer commercial.

Noob Dad Christmas Gift Guide: The Stuff We Actually Want

12 Dec

Why is it so hard for grandma to realize that I know absolutely nothing about cars and that the only thing that torque wrench is good for is a paperweight? This year, I want her to know I only want something on this awesome list!

App Review: Chuck and Friends – Friends For The Long Haul

29 Nov

Christmas time brings us two things: presents and more sugar-filled treats than we should consume. While you may still be recovering from a turkey induced coma from Thanksgiving last week, others are full of Christmas cheer and the urge to spend every last dime they have – which leads me to my next point… Your […]

Eek! True Story: The Pixar Lamp

9 Nov

The tragic ending of the famed Pixar Lamp.

Dad Gear That Could Save Your Life

19 Oct

As Ice Cube would say, “You better check yourself ‘fo you wreck yourself.”