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Someone Has a Gambling Problem

5 Feb

This is what happens when you let dad finish the snowman.

Conan Corrupts Children

9 Nov

You have to love it when your child can’t sleep and you want to watch some basic cable light night talk shows.  Well who is more innocent than the red headed wonder that is Conan O’Brien? Well maybe the next time he has Sarah Silverman on you try to get those kids to sleep a [...]

Why dads don’t plan baby showers

5 Nov

Why dads don't plan baby showers

You ask daddy to go ahead and plan a tasteful baby shower baby gender reveal.  You expect something classy and mysterious to be sent out to friends and family explaining the big day, the exciting reveal, and all the other important details needed for an enjoyable baby shower.  Of course most men don’t enjoy formal [...]

This is What Happens When You Don’t Get Your Daughter What She Wants

18 Oct

Looks like daddy’s been letting her watch too many Ronda Rousey fights.

Ain’t It The iTruth?

11 Sep

At the end of the day our sign will read, “iBroke.”

Most Thoughtful Parents Ever!!!

7 Sep

I don’t always fly with twin newborns, but when I do I bring earplugs.

Reading to your child

8 Aug

Getting your child to read

Reading Maxim with your son is a good way to get them to love the written word.

Breastfeeding according to a child

3 Aug

Funny baby meme

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Kids and Bikes

24 Jul

Getting your toddler on a bike

No kid wants to be the last one riding a bike with training wheels and if they only have a tricycle you better make sure you customize that bad boy.  For my son Blake I decided that we would skip the tricycle, the training wheels, the big wheels, and go right for the pedal free [...]

It’s the simple things

12 Jul

Kids love sugary drinks

Remember the first time you kid tasted something new and acted like it was the most amazing thing ever?  The first spoonful of ice cream, watermelon, peaches, and of course any type of fruit juice.  The way it tastes so good when it hits your tongue…the tingle of juicy goodness!  I will pretend that when [...]