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Reading to your child

8 Aug

Getting your child to read

Reading Maxim with your son is a good way to get them to love the written word.

Great Photo Op or Parenting Fail?

9 Jul

You know that global warming is a slight possibility when you see a fire hydrant begging a dog to pee on it.

Apparently the Chinese Have Added to Their Take-Out Menu

21 Jun

I’ve heard of helicopter parenting, but moped parenting? This I gotta try!

And You Thought The Easter Bunny Just Hid Eggs

6 Apr

  I’m not sure how you celebrate the Resurrection of  Jesus Christ in your town, but this takes the carrot cake for the most absurd Easter celebration I’ve ever seen. I mean, seriously, isn’t grandma a little too old to be hunting for eggs? Technorati Tags: Easter, parenting fail

Bad Parenting: The Bad Dress Up

3 Apr

inappropriate clothing for children

Don’t play dress up with your child if you dress them like reality show trash.

Bad Parenting: Beer Pong Education

28 Mar

Bad Parenting Beer Pong for Kids

When choosing a school for your child be sure to find one that teaches drinking games.

Handling a sibling rivalry

28 Feb

twin babies punching

Dealing with sibling rivalry from a young age.

WIDW: That’s what you feed him?

7 Feb

what to feed your new baby

Ah yes the infamous “I’m running  a bit late so you can you feed him before I get home?”  Me being the always helpful husband and father obviously agree to this request.  I know what my kid likes to eat and I am confident in my ability to not only make him some food, but […]

Bad Parenting: Who needs a babysitter

7 Feb

How to get your toddler to like a new baby

Getting your toddler to like the new baby isn’t always easy.

Super Bowl Day Survival Guide

30 Jan

How to watch the Super Bowl with your kid

It is important that during this time of year you don’t try to live out your old high school football fantasies by humiliating your children.  If you are like me and your team is not playing in the big game it could create some resentment and ill will towards the world.  If you are like […]