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It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

20 Dec

The pepper spray barely overpowered the stench of vomit.

Most Thoughtful Parents Ever!!!

7 Sep

I don’t always fly with twin newborns, but when I do I bring earplugs.

Apparently the Chinese Have Added to Their Take-Out Menu

21 Jun

I’ve heard of helicopter parenting, but moped parenting? This I gotta try!

Milestones: Teaching Your Son How to Pee Outside

21 Mar

Since Adam was in the Garden of Eden, man has been peeing outside. Now it’s time to teach your son how.

ABC’s of Fatherhood

14 Feb

The ABC’s of Fatherhood are 26 little nuggets of wisdom.

We Warned You About This New Year’s Resolution

11 Jan

We warned you against making New Year’s Resolutions. Apparently, this guys thought we were joking.

Bad Parenting: Feeding Time

8 Nov

How not to feed your child

Well if you are like me and you have a nearly two year old at home you know feeding time aren’t always the easiest time of day.  My son now refuses to sit in a high chair or a booster seat.  He feels he has earned the right to sit at the table in a […]

Bad Parenting: Letting Dad Shop

13 Oct

Don't let daddy shop with the baby

As a parent and an adult there are certain you have to do a few times a month.  One of those things is going grocery shopping and when you have a little one you usually have to bring them.  Now the grocery store knows that kids will be in the store ad position every cartoon […]

Cute for you doesn’t mean it is right

11 Oct

Gorrible costumes for your kid

Sure you think that the pink bunny costume is the cutest thing ever. You will toss it on your little one and wander around the neighborhood getting all kinds of smiles and waves from other moms.  Well when dad has to take junior around in the outfit other dads nod in a knowing way that […]

Bad Parenting: Not the best toys for the kid

1 Oct

Selecting the right toys for toddlers

When mommy decides to let daddy go pick out toys for the kid you can’t expect miracles .  On the bright side at least he went with something inflatable that is soft without sharp corners.. In the future he should stick with Thomas the Train, Caillou, and some more cuddly things that won’t make the […]