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Elf On A Shelf

29 Nov

Review of Elf On A Shelf

My son is going to turn 3 on December 30th and this is the first time he is really aware of Christmas, the tree, the lights, the gifts, and Santa Claus.  So for the first time in along time I am really excited about the holiday season.  His youth innocence an excitement about everything he [...]

The Magic School Bus Turns 25

18 Sep

Happy birthday, The Magic School Bus!

Toys I can’t wait to play with

11 Jul

Dads will always love kid toys

Let’s be honest shall we?  When you have a son you look forward to certain things in his life that will benefit you in some way.  When he is able to take out the garbage, mow the loan, and wash the car are all things that allow for more quality naps for you.  There are [...]

Geek Dad Gear: LED Faucet

12 Jun

School’s out and the days of block parties, messy (-ier?) kids and weeklong sleepovers are upon us. What better way to make your kid’s friend never forget his stay with you, cool dad, than with color changing LED faucet lights? Our friends over at ThinkGeek sent us one to play with. As soon as the [...]

Why hello Buzz Lightyear

12 Jan

Come on Disney I expected more from you.  You really needed to design a sippy cup where the straw is in such a location as to look like something it in no way should look like?  Look at Buzz Lightyear up there with his arms crossed looking so proud of what he has to offer. [...]

Cool Toy of the Day: Power Rangers Samaurai

11 Jan

Remember that show you used to watch as a kid in school? Yeah, well they’ve revamped the series more times than Zack Taylor has been pulled over for driving while black. Power Rangers not only changed up the show every other year for the past two decades, but they rolled out a new toy line [...]

I Hate Thomas the Train

9 Jan

I understand that Thomas the Train and all of his friends on Sodor are a beloved institution.  That shows have been voice by some legendary names, George Carlin, Ringo Starr, and Alec Baldwin, but I have had enough of that blue idiot.  Every episode is the same thing.  Thomas or one of his buddies are [...]

Tech Toy Review: LeapFrog Leapster Explorer

2 Jan

With dedicated isles at every big box store, tech toys and educational games are waging war and confounding parents. Find out why the LeapFrog Explorer is the 2011 Toy of the Year.

App Review: Chuck and Friends – Friends For The Long Haul

29 Nov

Christmas time brings us two things: presents and more sugar-filled treats than we should consume. While you may still be recovering from a turkey induced coma from Thanksgiving last week, others are full of Christmas cheer and the urge to spend every last dime they have – which leads me to my next point… Your [...]

Toy Design Mistake

14 Oct

Toy design mistake for a child

Nothing like going to the toy store to pick something special out for your child and running across a very unique toy.  The toy that will make your child ask very probing questions that should not be discussed for many years.  You have to wonder what toy manufacturers are thinking when something like this pops [...]