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Adidas Getting Noobdad in Shape with Springblade

12 Nov

As a dad with two young boys at home, a job, household responsibilities, late nights, and no longer being 18 I need to watch what I eat and work to stay in shape.  I spent eight years as a competitive running in high school and college.  I ran many hundreds of miles of the course [...]

Kids and Bikes

24 Jul

Getting your toddler on a bike

No kid wants to be the last one riding a bike with training wheels and if they only have a tricycle you better make sure you customize that bad boy.  For my son Blake I decided that we would skip the tricycle, the training wheels, the big wheels, and go right for the pedal free [...]

Super Bowl Day Survival Guide

30 Jan

How to watch the Super Bowl with your kid

It is important that during this time of year you don’t try to live out your old high school football fantasies by humiliating your children.  If you are like me and your team is not playing in the big game it could create some resentment and ill will towards the world.  If you are like [...]