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Lessons in Parenting From a Dog Lover

23 Jul

When my twin sons hit the terrible twos, a part of me wished they were more like dogs. Dogs can be left alone for hours, don’t need a babysitter, don’t talk back and definitely let you sleep more. Of course I’m not serious…but if you’re a parent with a toddler, it only takes a few [...]

Note To Dad: ‘The Passionate Mom’ Will Change Her Life

5 May

It’s never too late to begin parenting the way you want. Find out how to get started with The Passionate Mom: Dare to Parent in Today’s World.

What is it with kids and birthdays anyway?

7 Dec

My birthday is tomorrow. Ugh, right? Not for my kids.

10 Things People Should Never Say To A Dad… Ever.

4 Oct

They say kids say the darndest things, but the stuff that comes out adult mouths is far more absurd.

Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Guys With Kids’ Misses the Mark

27 Sep

‘Guys With Kids’ spent more time trying to be ‘The Office’ than it did ‘My Wife and Kids.’

Most Thoughtful Parents Ever!!!

7 Sep

I don’t always fly with twin newborns, but when I do I bring earplugs.

Five Movies Every Dad Should Watch

5 Sep

You won’t find Field of Dreams on this list. There, I said it.

Potty Training is Crappy

2 Sep

How to potty train your child

Every parent will go through this process at one time or another.  The moment you decide your child is no longer a baby and has reached  a point where changing diapers is becoming more of a challenge than it was ever meant to be.  That moment where you can’t wait to just flush a toilet [...]

Guest Post: Why I Love Bath Time With My Son

26 Jul

Make bath time a bonding experience

Bath time wasn’t always fun time. When my son was younger, I had to wrangle him to get him in the bath. There were negotiations, pleas, protests and even tears. Rather than being fun and relaxing at it was meant to be, bath time became stressful and exhausting for both of us. Technorati Tags: bath [...]

How to find the right babysitter?

19 Jul

As a parent trusting someone else to watch and care for your child is a very stressful process.  Sure many of us use a family member – mom, dad, sister, or brother – to watch our child when need, but what happens when that option doesn’t exist?  I have had my moter-in-law come over and [...]