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Big Pharma, Bigger Problems

19 Dec

Take a look at the case against Big Pharma’s Big Business. While we know that pharmaceutical companies are in it for the money, it’s often shocking to realize to what lengths many will go for the bottom dollar. If a former Merck CEO was quoted as saying, “I want to sell drugs to everyone. I [...]

Infographic: Time Spent in Restaurant with a Toddler

10 Jan

Remember when you could actually eat in peace and enjoy your meal? Neither do we.

[Infographic] Do Educational Video Games Actually Work?

26 Oct

We’re pretty sure GTA isn’t considered educational, thus the numbers might be flawed.

Infographic: How Do Modern Dads Stack Up?

5 Oct

Courtesy of: Online Schools   Congrats, you guys! Technorati Tags: dads, Infographic, parenting

The Cost Of Kids {Infographic}

26 Apr

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America’s Fat Future

27 Mar

Bad eating habits leading to obesity

Obesity in children is an epidemic in America.