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App Review: Chuck and Friends – Friends For The Long Haul

29 Nov

Christmas time brings us two things: presents and more sugar-filled treats than we should consume. While you may still be recovering from a turkey induced coma from Thanksgiving last week, others are full of Christmas cheer and the urge to spend every last dime they have – which leads me to my next point… Your […]

Early Father’s Day Gift Idea; Toilet Golf

4 May

The Toilet Time Golf Game

For those guys that putt around in the bathroom. PUN!

OPINION: A Monopoly Mantra

24 Feb

Have you ever looked up from your crumby little home and realized that the rest of the world is rolling in fancy hotel rooms? Well, that’s because you’re a father. And there’s only one certainty in your life as a father.

You have more money today than you will have tomorrow.

And They Wonder Why We Like Video Games

6 Jan

Sex acts. Breasts. Urination. Sounds like my kind of game.

Daddy Want! Iron Man Pinball Machine

3 Nov

The perfect addition to any game room or fantasy of a better life.

He Learned This From His Father

13 Oct

It’s funny because normally people are yelling about hating the Raider for much different reasons. Ask any Raiders fan.

5 Good Reasons to Play Video Games with Your Kids

8 Sep

If you’re between the ages of 27 and 40 you grew up in an era when video games were huge part of life.

Dad Steals Son’s Video Games, Sells Them, Attains “Douchebag” Status

12 Aug

The Father of the Year award will be a tough vote this year.