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Honey Bunches of Oats: Smile While You Shake It

27 Jan

Kick off your morning with a well-balanced breakfast that will give you room to indulge in your favorite holiday dishes with your family. Honey Bunches of Oats® Greek Honey Crunch is the first variety to include Greek yogurt, which has become a recent breakfast favorite.  Honey Bunches of Oats® Greek Honey Crunch has the perfect […]

Sully the Sheep is Inspiring

28 May

After a day with the kids while mommy is out enjoying some quiet time I like to take a break and work on my yet to be realized guitar skills.  I feel that if I learn to play an instrument that when my kids are in school it will be easier to get them interested […]

HowAboutWe for Couples offers great Discounted and Free Dates

15 Dec

My wife and I are expecting our second child in about six weeks.  With a soon to be three year old at home, a baby on the way, and a budget to follow we have had to sacrifice some of the things we really enjoy doing.   A couple of weeks ago the folks over at […]

Let SpinningLeaf Help Make This Christmas One Not Soon to be Forgotten

26 Nov

Forget the gift cards, these are what they really want.

America’s Fat Future

27 Mar

Bad eating habits leading to obesity

Obesity in children is an epidemic in America.

Just in Time for April Fool’s Day: Ghost Pepper Super Hot Candy

16 Mar

This is the year you own April Fool’s day and pwn that jerk in the office.

What do guilty juices cost?

27 Sep

Poorly named child products

You ever wonder what the marketing meetings are like when new products are going to be introduced to the public?  They probably go with market research, focus groups, spend tons of money on different concepts and designs…but do they coordinate how stores will market their products??  I mean Innocent Kids Juices … and on sale?!?  […]

Man Food: Biofuel Gourmet Caffeinated Popcorn

19 May

Biofuel Gourmet Caffeinated Popcorn

Mmmmmm infused kernels

Lazy Cakes Are Fun For The Whole Family

16 May

Everyone relax and have a brownie

Knee And Lap Coffee Mugs For People Without Tables

9 May

Coffee Mug For Your Lap Or Knee

Top of the morning! Here is coffee on your nuts!