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Honey Bunches of Oats: Smile While You Shake It

27 Jan

Kick off your morning with a well-balanced breakfast that will give you room to indulge in your favorite holiday dishes with your family. Honey Bunches of Oats® Greek Honey Crunch is the first variety to include Greek yogurt, which has become a recent breakfast favorite.  Honey Bunches of Oats® Greek Honey Crunch has the perfect [...]

Big Pharma, Bigger Problems

19 Dec

Take a look at the case against Big Pharma’s Big Business. While we know that pharmaceutical companies are in it for the money, it’s often shocking to realize to what lengths many will go for the bottom dollar. If a former Merck CEO was quoted as saying, “I want to sell drugs to everyone. I [...]

Adidas Getting Noobdad in Shape with Springblade

12 Nov

As a dad with two young boys at home, a job, household responsibilities, late nights, and no longer being 18 I need to watch what I eat and work to stay in shape.  I spent eight years as a competitive running in high school and college.  I ran many hundreds of miles of the course [...]

Lessons in Parenting From a Dog Lover

23 Jul

When my twin sons hit the terrible twos, a part of me wished they were more like dogs. Dogs can be left alone for hours, don’t need a babysitter, don’t talk back and definitely let you sleep more. Of course I’m not serious…but if you’re a parent with a toddler, it only takes a few [...]

Heisman for Humanity

14 Jun

Habitat for Humanity has been building homes and helping people for a long time.  They have been teamed up with Nissan since 2005 and  the auto maker brought in Heisman Trophy winners to help continue the rebuilding effort in New Orleans.  Hurricane Katrina might be a distant memory for many around the country, bur for [...]

TV Dads! — What Should I Get My Dad for Father’s Day?

12 Jun

Not all dads have time, energy or the desire to be stylish. Often, the daily grind and practical needs of raising a family cancel a tailored wardrobe. Some of the coolest characters on television look fantastic and the average dad can pick up some tips from TV’s best-dressed dads. Depending on what channels you have [...]

Sully the Sheep is Inspiring

28 May

After a day with the kids while mommy is out enjoying some quiet time I like to take a break and work on my yet to be realized guitar skills.  I feel that if I learn to play an instrument that when my kids are in school it will be easier to get them interested [...]

5 Reasons Dads Hate “Eco” Water Bottles

8 May

Why am I pouring all this Haterade on this green initiative? Glad you asked, reader. Here’s five reasons we guys absolutely hate “eco” water bottles.

Note To Dad: ‘The Passionate Mom’ Will Change Her Life

5 May

It’s never too late to begin parenting the way you want. Find out how to get started with The Passionate Mom: Dare to Parent in Today’s World.

Old Spice…That’s Fresh

26 Apr

As a dad I understand what it means to keep your cool and stay fresh all day long.  The pressure of chasing around a toddler and changing a newborn can make any guy not so fresh. Luckily Old Spice is delivering all day freshness….in a bar!  Not only are they keeping you fresh all day [...]