TV Dads! — What Should I Get My Dad for Father’s Day?

Not all dads have time, energy or the desire to be stylish. Often, the daily grind and practical needs of raising a family cancel a tailored wardrobe. Some of the coolest characters on television look fantastic and the average dad can pick up some tips from TV’s best-dressed dads.

Depending on what channels you have available with your cable or satellite TV provider, you can check out these stylish dads to discover the look the man of your house will appreciate.

Don Draper — ‘Mad Men’

1.) Don Draper epitomizes the sexy, strong male. He is the kind of man every woman wants to be with. He might not always take the moral high ground, but he always looks good. Draper draws power from his clothing, but he does not let it overpower him.

An example of Draper’s style is the tailored suit. A tailored blazer would be the perfect piece to bring the modern dad’s wardrobe together. Banana Republic offers a line of affordable tailored linen-cotton blazers that replicate Draper’s signature look.

Phil Dunphy — ‘Modern Family’

2.) Phil Dunphy is the man. He wants to look good, but he does not want to try to hard. However, he often succeeds at looking stylish because he cares about how he looks. He can shop at a Nordstrom Rack or Target and find something that looks nice.

Dads can pull off the Dunphy look without going to too much trouble. A nice pair of dark washed jeans works great with just about anything. You can dress them up or down, which is perfect to epitomize the style of Dunphy. Another staple of any man’s wardrobe should be slim-fit jeans, which last for years and cost less than $70 at Gap.

Nucky Thompson — ‘Boardwalk Empire’

3.) Nucky Thompson is the kind of man that dresses with purpose. He takes great pride in his style and is up-to-date with all the current fashion trends. He likes to spend money on looking good, down to the signature fresh carnation in his lapel.

The Thompson type of dad reads GQ for style tips and keeps up with Fashion Week. He is going to experiment and take risks. The perfect gift for this dad would be a bold bowtie.

Dexter Morgan — ‘Dexter’

4.) Dexter is always practical, and he looks good that way. You would think a serial killer like Morgan would choose clothing based on function over form, and he does. But instead of just a T-shirt and jeans, Dexter finds a way to make functional look stylish. Whether he is dropping his son Harrison off with the babysitter or going out for the hunt, he always looks great.

Morgan loves a classic henley long-sleeve top. Nordstrom has one on sale right now, a piece that would be an excellent, versatile addition to any dad’s wardrobe.

Bruce Jenner — ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’

5.) Bruce Jenner is the older dad. Being a former Olympic athlete, he prefers being outdoors and being comfortable, but he still wants to look good doing so. Jenner is a great example of a normal T-shirt-and-jeans guy.

Jenner would love a pair of Nike-customized shoes, something any dad could use. They can be made to order and adapted to the style of whomever you are shopping for.

Most of these style ideas are affordable and will do wonders for any dad’s wardrobe. What item have you purchased for dad that he loved? Tell us in the comments.

Photo by Flickr user mark gorman

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