The Magic School Bus Turns 25

To help us celebrate the 25th birthday of The Magic School Bus, our friends at Scholastic sent us a few books. After reading ‘On the Ocean Floor’ and ‘Inside the Earth,’ I quickly realized why we loved watching Ms. Frizzle and class explore our world on a weekly basis – it’s fun! The success of the show and the books was thanks to Joanna Cole & Bruce Degen’s ability to combine learning with fun, education with humor.

From explaining how the tides work to cracking jokes about Rock & Roll being one of the kid’s favorite rocks, The Magic School Bus are sure to entertain and educate your kids as much as it did you when you were younger. As with all things, be sure to inform your children about any untruths, both in print and cartoon, should you happen to come across them. (I’m looking at you, Pluto.)

Grab some of the books online or, even better; get the whole series on dvd.

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