Prepare Your Kid For A Lifetime Of Minimum Wage Jobs With The McDonald’s Playset

22 Dec

It’s amazing how parents go apenuts about Happy Meals enticing children to want fast food because of the toys but have no problem with actual toys intended to brainwash children into not only wanting fast food but want a career in the sh*t-food slinging industry.

The McDonalds Drive Thru Center is the perfect toy to tell your child “look those fantasies you’ve got about being an astronaut, senator, Hannah Montana or a ballerina just aren’t going to happen. Honestly, you’re not smart enough for any of those gigs and the ballerina thing will never happen if you don’t conquer this love of fudge.” Let’s get you prepared for things you’ll be good at like “putting food into bags” and “getting to work on time as much as possible.” These are trades the kid will never learn in school, even if they do stick it out until the 7th grade.

Does this also come with the first season of Teen Mom? Seems like a good match.

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