Lego Mixels: The New Addiction

A short trip to TJ Maxx after getting some ice cream to see if they had any toys tow weeks ago has quickly turned into an addiction.  As we walked to the toy section in the back of the store I noticed a little row of bags.  The bag were only $3.99 and I though it was a great item that would make the kid happy and keep him busy for a bit.  I know he liked Lego and this little bag looked fun.  What was a Lego Mixel anyway?


Well apparently Lego Mixels are not just a little Lego figure, but also a cartoon on the Cartoon Network.  Not only are they just figures you assemble, but they some in groups of three and those three break apart to form a Mixel Max guy.  Not only do you need all three to create the big guy you also need to get the other figures from each series or, according to my son, the Earth might explode.  So in two weeks there have been trips to TJ Maxx again – sold out when i got there, Toys R Us in Times square, Target, and The Lego Discovery Center.  He has assembled 20 something Mixel characters now and with each one he gets faster and I slice up my fingers taking them apart so he can assemble the Max guy.

Now my big complaint is not the whole buy three bags to make the big guy — these have provided hours of enjoyment for me son so it is fine, but you really use like 2/3 of the pieces to make the Max figure.  With all the master builders working at Lego can’t they find a way to incorporate more of the pieces?  Look at that purple container – I have enough pieces left to make 5 more Mixels..I just don’t want to tell my son that.


Soon he will find out that you can mix up the Mixels and create Jurassic World like hybrid Mixels.  All of these guys have sharp teeth, claws, hooks, and crazy eyes so a hybrid could really be pushing the limit of Lego safety.  For now I will open the door at 5:30PM and wait for my son to yell from the table that he needs my help putting together another guy named Chilbo, Gox, Glurt, or the one that started him down this path to Lego addiction – Magnifo (damn wizard!).


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