Toys I can’t wait to play with

Dads will always love kid toys

Let’s be honest shall we?  When you have a son you look forward to certain things in his life that will benefit you in some way.  When he is able to take out the garbage, mow the loan, and wash the car are all things that allow for more quality naps for you.  There are also the milestones like playing catch, shooting hoops, or going to the game together.  Now there are also the milestones that involve you becoming a little kid again – cool toys!  Oh yeah I am talking about race cars, Legos, remote controlled anything, and all that great stuff.  Well let’s take a look at some toys you will buy for your kid with the primary intention of just having him watch you play.Race Tracks

Every kid likes cars and when they get older you can put a track together that your kid won’t knock apart in a matter of second.  You think a two year old would appreciate all the hard work that goes into creates a 40 foot wooden Thomas the Train track – but nope that was ripped apart and my time wasted.  Once he hits four or five years old I am so turning his wall into a 7 foot high track of goodness!  I know he can only reach 4 feet, but so what because at 7 feet i can make the cars do amazing things.  We will spend hours in his room…my sheering on my race cars and him probably crying in the corner because he is in the way of an epic jump.  It will be awesome!


Now when I was a kid you could buy a box of Legos for a few bucks and have fun for years.  Well Legos are a hell of a lot more sophisticated these days.  My goal it to waste my son’s college fund fulfilling some unresolved childhood issues about not being able to use The Force to do anything – please note I do use the force as an adult to open automatic sliding doors!  Take a look at that gorgeous creature – Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon – didn’t just reading that give you chills?  Sure it says 16+ for an age requirement, but that is just a suggestions.  He will be three around Christmas and I think he is fully capable of following instructions to put together all 5,200 Lego pieces of goodness.  Of course for $3,000 maybe I will just let him watch from a distance..maybe I will setup a camera and he can watch me work on it through the television.  I wouldn’t want him swallow the warp drive or something.  Just amazing father son bonding as we spend weeks putting this bad boy together and trying to figure out how to explain to mommy that this was a wise investment.

Remote Controlled Anything

I remember as a young boy having a green and white remote controlled car that I would just beat the hell out of on a daily basis.  It kept running, it was like $70 from Radio Shack, and my parents always kept me in a fresh supply of batteries.  Now that I am older I have a better appreciation for what it takes to control such a piece of machinery and also that you get what you pay for.  Thus I will have to spend much more that $70 to get a true race car experience from my auto – I mean for my son to get the experience. I wonder if he will have the fine motor skills and coordination to handle a car moving this fast?  He does have his Thomas the Train Follow the Light thing which he seems quite happy with.  I’ll just buy this, test it out for a few years, and have it ready for him when he turns 21.  I think it is the wise choice and will create a special moment years from now when I hand this down to him.

Erector Sets

As a young curious kid I used to play with a toy called Capsela.  It was an amazing toy that was a series of balls that had gears you would snap together.  One of the balls was a motor that would get your creating doing something…rolling, lifting, spinning – whatever.  It was awesome.  However, from my research i don’t think this toy is made any more an for that I weep for my son.  Luckily there are some other toys out there that do allow you to create something amazing – Erector Sets!  I plan on buying so many piece I will need a special room for the creations we make.  From my reading this can have very small pieces, screws, wheels, and what not.  So it will be wise to keep my son away from these sets until such time I am confident he won’t try to eat anything.  I should look into some sort of taller security gate…hell just a steel door will work fine.  Oh wait until he sees pictures of the things I made for him to look at!