Giant LEGO Brick Storage Box: Because Toys Will Be Under The Bed Anyway

Story my mom retells once a year goes as such…

“I told him to clean his room or he couldn’t go outside. He came back out twenty minutes later and said he was done. I knew he wasn’t so I went into his room and found that it appeared clean and tidy. Maybe he had. Just as he was ready to sprint out the door to freedom I checked under the bed to find all his toys, clothes and school books. I pulled everything out into the middle of the room and grounded him for lying.”

Ahhhh, if only she’d come with me to tell the story to my therapist. Anyway, mom didn’t fall for the toys under the bed trick and neither will I but when the storage system are actual toys, well, things are going to get tricky.

Our neat new giant LEGO storage brick boxes have been made especially for STORE under licence from LEGO themselves and just like the original LEGO bricks, each storage box can be clicked together and then stacked to create a giant LEGO structure but with the added benefit of storage within.

We think they’re a great storage idea to encourage the kids to clear away their clutter and also provide a funky-looking solution for children’s toy storage. As shown in the photos, these glossy plastic storage boxes also offer sturdy under bed storage in place of more traditional underbed storage boxes.

Now, if I had those as a kid, my room would still be a mess, but I’d be able to go outside no matter because I’d use them to barricade the door and climb out the window.

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