Get Fit or Get Get Single

Fact: The number one New Year’s Resolution for American men is to lose weight/workout more. Fact: Sometimes working out can suck, especially if you’re broke and can’t afford to hit the gym. Fact: She will leave you if you get fat, if she say’s otherwise she’s a liar. Fact: These products will help you attain your fitness goals and keep you hip to the latest and greatest that technology has to offer.

TRX Suspension Training Pro Pack

One of the most recognized types of functional training is TRX Suspension Training which is used by elite athletes like NFL stars Drew Brees and Ladainian Tomlinson. It was also named “Best Total Body Tool” by Men’s Health magazine. TRX is literally a gym in a bag and can be used nearly anywhere, which is why guys gotta have it. Just attach it to your door (one of may ways to use it) and you’re ready to start burning those calories in a very functional way. Functional Training is a great idea for those that not only want to get fit, but also stronger to improve daily movements.


2011 is going to a huge year for at home fitness dvds as evidenced by the popularity in Insanity. It’s great, you just pop in the dvd and follow along. Shaun T pushes you past your limits with plyometric drills on top of strength, power, and resistance intervals, plus ab and core training moves. This 60-day cardio-based conditioning program is the most intense workout ever put on DVD. Insanity offers an INTENSE cardio workout of intervals that incorporate elements of every type of workout including strength, resistance, various sports, Pilates, Yoga, and so on.


Yes, another set of dvds promising to make your dreams come true. A revolutionary system of 12 workouts, P90X is designed to transform your body from regular to ripped in just 90 days.  Accelerated results are gained by tapping into weight training, yoga, plyometrics, Kenpo karate, stretching, and abdominal work. The program includes a 3-phase nutrition plan, a fitness guide, and a calendar to track your progress so you won’t actually feel lost in the process.

This is not a cheap fitness regimen, but can you really put a price tag on your health and well-being?  If you are interested in any success stories of P90X users you can check those out at

Virtual Active

For Virtual Active, the cliché “you gotta walk the walk, if you’re gonna talk the talk” isn’t just a phrase…it’s literally a business model. Virtual Active goes to incredible lengths to produce breathtaking high-resolution virtual reality exercise experiences, shot to simulate the exact perspective a user would have if actually exercising in a myriad of natural environments around the world. All the info you need to reap the benefits from running with the program is on the screen; In a Basic workout, you can enjoy the scenery while you exercise at your own pace. In a Guided workout, a Virtual Active trainer appears on screen to help structure your workout. The trainer will tell you to vary your speed and the resistance of your machine to reach a target RPE (‘Rate of Perceived Exertion’). The only complaint is that I ran into a group of tourists scoping out the epic view and I couldn’t stop to get a better view myself.

SKINS Compression Gear

SKINS unique dynamic gradient compression enhances your blood flow, so more oxygen is delivered to your core muscles to increase your power and endurance. With 400 fit and dynamic gradient compression, you’ll notice improved power, as well as less post-exercise muscle soreness. Biomechanicaly placed Memory MX fabric over the spine and around the scapula and obliques provides constant, controlled compression and unrestricted movement to help you to avoid the type of muscle damage you sustain in action, but only notice when you cool down. If that’s not impressive enough don’t forget that this shirt stays in place while wicking away moisture from your body.

By improving circulation in your legs, SKINS RY400 Men’s Long Tights help you heal faster and feel fitter sooner. Whether you’ve smashed a triathlon, rowed down the competition, or blitzed that perfect tennis match, you want your system healing and strengthening from the moment your muscles power down.  The entire outfit fits exactly like you’d expect coming from a company called SKINS. Never once during any of my workouts did I feel uncomfortable, if fact, it felt better than my other workout clothes.

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