Elf On A Shelf

Review of Elf On A Shelf

My son is going to turn 3 on December 30th and this is the first time he is really aware of Christmas, the tree, the lights, the gifts, and Santa Claus.  So for the first time in along time I am really excited about the holiday season.  His youth innocence an excitement about everything he sees is just contagious.  My wife decided to go out and pick up this Elf On A Shelf thing and I had never heard of it before.  Basic premise is that the elf will watch over your children and see if they are being good or bad . If you are good he will travel up to the North Pole and let Santa know that you are behaving and what you want for Christmas.  When he returns he will be i a different location so your kid knows he went away.  If he is in the same spot the next day it means you were bad and he didn’t go to see Santa.

One added benefit of the Elf in the week we have had it is that my son is much more willing to go and use the potty because we told him the Elf will let Santa know he is being a big boy and big boys get cooler gifts.  Each morning he runs out of his room to see if the Elf has moved and searches the apartment to see where he ended up.  It is adorable and brings a smile to my face each day.  With  another baby on the way in 8 weeks, I am going to be using the elf for awhile!


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