Top 5 Tips to Travel in a Plane with a Newborn

traveling with a newborn

Are you traveling with your newborn for the first time? Are you worried about how you will handle things once you are air-borne with your precious cargo? With that added luggage in your arms, it is only normal to feel overwhelmed at the thought of flying.
While traveling with a baby is not going to be as easy as it may seem, it is important that you get a grip of yourself and not let the stress get to you. Getting worried about flying with a child who is no more than a few months old may raise a lot of concerns but it is you who can make the best out of this trying situation.
Taking a baby on a trip via a plane is a nightmare for most of the new moms but all you need is a little planning and organization on your part and you are all set to go. Here are some tips to make sure that you make your travel in a plane happy, safe and organized for your child.

Nurse Your Child

We all know that as adults, chewing and swallowing helps treat the ear pain that one experiences in planes as a result of the changes in air pressure. As far as a new born is concerned, it is strongly advised that you feed him/her or give your child a bottle, especially during landing and take off. Luckily, if your baby is sleeping during descending or ascending, he/she won?t notice the change. Unfortunately, if he/she is not, you have to feed him/her.

Have Lots of Toys for Your Child

Do not forget to take a variety of toys for your new born. In case he/she refuses to sleep, you will always have an assortment of colorful options to delight him/her with. If anything, these toys will entertain your little angel for a while. Just keep in mind that you do not get him/her toys that make a lot of noise as it will be as annoying for your fellow passengers as a crying child.

Have Sufficient Amount of Diapers

Make sure you keep diapers with you, enough to last the entire flight. Nothing is more annoying than finding that you have run out of diapers when your child is wet and crying his/ her lungs out demanding a change.

Get Your Child an Approved Seat

Flying with children under the age of 2 is usually free. Still, if you are concerned about your child?s safety, it is only feasible to get him/her a seat approved by Federal Aviation Administration. You will have to pay for an extra seat but you will at least be able to make sure that your newborn sleeps soundly without having to stay on your lap all the time.

Get a Lightweight Stroller or Sling

In order to make sure that you easily carry your new born around, you can consider bringing a stroller or sling along so that you do not have to hold him in your arms all the time.
With these simple useful tips, we wish you and your baby a safe and happy flight.

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