Solid Father’s Day Gift Ideas


I understand that Father’s Day doesn’t carry the same weight or power or sales as Mother’s Day, but we still expect some thought into our gift.  Sure throwing the kids in a I Love Dad t-shirt is awesome – it’s my wallpaper, but there are so many cool things out there that we want!  You can even do things that don’t cost a penny — like let us watch sports without having to do anything. Oh it is not what we do every weekend so don’t start thinking that nonsense!

Lets’ cover some of the basics that show you love the father of your children and you want to see him stick around for a bit.

Fitbit HR is a cool little fitness tracker.  My wife got this for me, my son though it was a toy, so he opened the box.  Happy early Father’s Day — and because he opened it it doesn’t count so I should have something else coming. I ran for 8 years in high school and college and haven’t in the last 20 years due to injuries back in the day, not weighing 138 pounds anymore, and work, but I have found myself running and being aware of the fact I sit a lot at work.

P90x workout set is from an infomercial, but it is one serious workout.  Another option is Insanity which is less weight and more impact cardio, but both with get you a great workout at home in under an hour.  Takes the excuse of not getting to the gym out of the equation.

Black Mountain resistance bands are amazing.  I purchased this set a few years ago when my first son was born and getting to the gym was very difficult.  Wide range of weight resistance options, clip-on handles, and door attachments.  All fits in a small bag that is easy to store on your shelf.

Now that you have us working out and getting our sweat on how about some cool electronics to reward us for all that hard work?

Every dad needs at least  a 65″ Samsung television.  After 8 years my 52″ television finally decided to give up on me so I had to get a new one.  I can’t wait for football season now!

We all grew up on video games and how can you go wrong with an XBOX One or a PlayStation 4.  No my wife will not get these for me so if anyone wants to buy me a present feel free.

So you don’t want to drop a weeks salary?  That is fine I get it.  These two options are both under $40 and are good for the whole family.  A Google Chromecast or a Kindle Firestick allow you to stream movies through Netflix and a ton of other systems.  Easy connectivity and setup will not require a lot of arguments.

Also don’t forget that I Love Dad t-shirt picture — we do love that!

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