Potty Training Milestone

potty training milestone

After 6 years of raising two boys I am ready for one thing to be over – diapers.  I can’t wait for the day when I go to the store and can bypass the entire infant aisle.  No more 72 pack of pull-ups with Thomas the Train on them, no more 6 packs of Pamper’s wipes, and no more cleaning out the potty.  Today we saw a major milestone in the process known as potty training with our soon to be 3 year old son.  He had been peeing in the potty for a few of months now, but refused to do the deed no matter how we bribed him.  The last couple of weeks we have noticed he is more aware of when he has to go , but just announces when he is done and off I go to have Thomas mock me as I go through another pull-up.

On my way home from work I receive a text message from my wife – I assumed it was about dinner or something we needed from the store.  The text was three little words “Tyler Did It!!!”. The follow-up text I was not expecting – a photo of the end result of his adventure on the potty.  I will not share this with you , but I can say I was impressed.  I returned home during the celebration of the poop, smiles were on, high fives were exchanged, and as the toilet flushed Tyler politely said “Bye bye poop!”

Those of you that have not been through potty training and are waiting for the process to start — good luck! Some kids take to it without a problem, other kids it will be a struggle, but all kids will eventually get there so don’t stress too much.  I know we all have that one friend that will tell you stories how they just asked their kid one day if they want to use the potty at 6 months and that was all it took – that is not normal!!

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