Ready for your playdate

Playtex playdatesWith two kids, many friends with kids, class trips, and a busy schedule you have to find ways to keep kids interested.  I have a 16 month old and a 4 year old that can wear you down without a blink of an eye.  My 4 year old is already in his 3rd year of school and he has more best friends than you can count – which is wonderful, but it means lots and lots of weekend playdates.  When you take the 4 year old the 1 year old will follow.  We like to encourage these get togethers to be outside especially after the long and col winter.  We hit up the nature center, the park, nearby farms, Bronx Zoo, or just go fly a kite.   If you aren’t careful these little outings can end up costing a bundle on drinks and snacks alone so we are always sure to take a long some Playtex training cups and straw cups.

We have been lucky that our 16 month old skipped over the bottle phase completely.  We had him on a Playtex sippy cup for a few months to work on his grip and get comfortable with the drinking out of a cup feel.  We have moved on to a Playtex straw cup which he took to without a problem.  What’s nice is out oldest has a straw cup as well that works great for the car since it is no drip and no mess!

What are your tips for making playdates fun for your kids and less stressful for you?

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