This Just In: Dora the Explorer is a Sadist. Wait, What?!

The first rule of writing a story marketed at girls is to have a precious baby animal in peril that can only be saved by a young heroine and her sidekick. And in the case of Nick Jr.’s ‘Dora the Explorer Storytime Collection’, have that very same heroine show pure delight and joy when she finds out that Baby Jaguar is hanging off the side of a waterfall and in danger of falling to a watery grave.

So I’m reading a bedtime story to my girls and get to this page when they ask, “Daddy, why are they smiling when Baby Jaguar is in trouble?” I had a few witty remarks I left unspoken and simply said, “Because he’s part of the 1% who everyone is angry with over at Occupy Sesame Street.”


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