Jurassic Park doesn’t get old

Jurassic Park

I remember 22 years ago when Jurassic Park hit theaters.  I was on a family vacation getting ready to start my freshman year at college so I decided to read the book first.  That got me hooked on all things Michael Crichton, but after reading the book I had to see how the movie stacked up.  I have to say it did a pretty good job and I was never one to say well the book was better.  I was 18 when that came out and now many years later, after not having seen the movie in I don’t know how long, I watch it nightly.

As an 18 year old I thought it was a very cool movie with amazing special effects.  Take that impression and apply it to a 5 year old and a 2 year old.  Nightly squeals and yells of excitement as dinosaur after dinosaur make an appearance remind you how awesome they are.  Of the first three films the oldest has decided the second one just has way too much talking so it has been removed from the rotation.  I have to respect him for that because the second one really was ridiculous.  Who else remembered Vince Vaughn was in that one helping an injured baby T-Rex?  Even my kids saw that scene and said “Seriously?  Who decided this was a good script choice?”

The original has the initial wow factor, but part III has some new dinosaurs, way more raptors, and dinosaurs taking to the sky.  The oldest is begging to go see the latest release, but it looks to have way more guns than the previous three films combined.  I’ll have to watch that one first to see what has to be edited out. The dinosaur eating people scenes don’t seem to bother either of the kids – no nightmares, no trying to eat classmates, and no crazy non-stop talk about it so I think it is fine.

It really is another cool part about having kids – getting to enjoy movies you once enjoyed in your younger years through their reactions.  Can’t wait until Goodfellas is an acceptable option!

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