How to Keep Your Kid From Getting Pwned.

Student Bullying
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Let’s face it, getting bullied sucks balls. The only thing not completely terrible about being a victim is that you get to see the hot nurse on a regular basis. Even then it still blows. Not only is it menacing, it can have many negative psychological affects on your kid. Oh, you don’t think little Johnny will ever get bullied? Little Suzie is such a social butterfly so there’s no need to worry? Think again, dad.

The numbers don’t lie. Bullying is just as real a concern for school aged brats as it is for yuppies in a biker bar. Kids are mean as hell these days and relentless to boot. If us dads don’t step in and do something soon, we’ll have our kids shooting up schools to get a little payback. And you thought your wife got upset when you left your socks under the kitchen table!

So what’s a guy to do, buy his kid a Beretta? Our friends over at Gracie Kids sent us their Bullyproof program, one they hope to use in the fight against bullying, one kid at a time.

I’ve been watching the dvds and training with my kids for about a month now and let me say they’re really enjoying it. The younger kids start out with Gracie Games which teach them 10 playful jiu-jitsu games that have been appropriately named, Spider Hands, Shark Bite, and Crazy Horse to name a few, but the kids are having too much fun to realize they’re learning. Got an older kid? No sweat. Pop in the Jr. Combatives dvd to learn 33 more advanced, non-violent, techniques to increase your pride and joy’s ability to defend themselves  and give them the confidence they need to make it through the day.


Do yourself a favor and invest a little dough in your kid’s well being instead of slipping singles in that brunette’s g-string. And you thought I didn’t know.


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