Graduating From Kindergarten

kindergarten graduation

With June right around the corner it is time to get ready for Summer, but for my five year old son it is time to get ready for graduation!  Last year he was just graduating from nursery school and just a year later he has accomplished so much he is graduating yet again – from kindergarten this time!

I don’t know about you but at this rate he will graduate from 1st grade in like a year.  Do I need to have a party for this graduation or is a bag of Lego bricks good enough?  Maybe take everyone out for lunch?  Maybe I buy him equity in a new batch of scotch and when he turns 21 he will have a very expensive bottle of alcohol which he can give to me for buying him more Legos than any kid could ever use.

I still can’t believe that he is about to enter his number grades.  We just bought his school supply back for next year already.  My wife had to hold back tears thinking about him growing up so quickly and I shed a tear of the $80 box of school supplies.  I mean they need two boxes of crayons?  The kindergarten class had like 1000 brand new crayons when the school year started so I think the school budget is good to go for some crayons.

This year we saw our big guy grow into a little man, get great comments from his teachers, make new friends, become more independent, and show qualities that make us think we aren’t doing such a bad job with this whole parenting thing.  Maybe the graduation ceremony is a bit over the top, but I’ll still record the entire thing and smile knowing the youngest kid in school got through his first year.

Now we just have to hope he ends up in a first grade class with some of his buddies from this year.  Really don’t want to have him worried about make new friends all over again.

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