Kid’s First Movie: Cars 2

One moment you’ll never forget is taking your kid to see their first movie at the theater. You buy the tickets, popcorn, and over priced Coke and chill for the next two hours, right? Not if you take two kids to see their first movie while the wife stays home with the baby…


“Daddy, I hafta go potty.” “When’s the movie gonna start.” “My chair won’t stay down.” “OW! My arm’s stuck in the cup holder.” “I’m bored, when are we gonna go home.” “I miss mommy.”


Needless to say it was a matinee I’ll never forget. They didn’t fall asleep or spill the drink, but they did manage to ask more questions than Regin Philbin on that damn millionaire show while climbing over the seats in front of us. No one seemed to mind though, they were too busy trying to comfort their kids after seeing the bad cars trying to blow up Lighting McQueen. What was your kid’s first movie at the theater?


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