Daddy Want! Iron Man Pinball Machine

The Permanent Roommate likes to play pretend with money we don’t have, which I suppose is better than playing “for real” with money we do have, and keeps a mental list of all the things she wants to buy when one of us strikes it rich. She is doing it the old fashioned way with hard work and a savings account and I’m going the smart route with the Monopoly game from McDonald’s. Anyway, her list includes a beach house, a nice car, cool things for the baby.

Game room. I’m working for a game room. First purchase is a Ms. Pac-Man machine. Second purchase is a pinball machine. Iron Man classic will work nicely.

Stern Pinball, Inc., maker of real pinball games, announced today the Iron Man™ Classic pinball game. Made exclusively for the home, the Iron Man Classic pinball machine features visuals, speech, music and sound effects from the Marvel blockbuster films Iron Man and Iron Man 2.

The Iron Man Classic machine brings the battle between billionaire industrialist Tony Stark, or Iron Man, and his enemies to the fingertips of pinball enthusiasts. With stunning game effects and non-stop action, pinball players of any age and skill level will enjoy playing the Iron Man Classic pinball game in the comfort of their own home.

Final purchase is a super comfortable, king-sized bed for the guest room. That is where my ass will wind up if I spend all our McDonald’s winnings on video games. You should have seen how mad she was when I lost the game piece for free small fries!

Stern Pinball Iron Man™ Arcade Pinball Machine now available on

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