Dad Steals Son’s Video Games, Sells Them, Attains “Douchebag” Status

The Father of the Year award will be a tough vote this year. So many possible choices. Here is a late entry, Joseph Phillips of Cincinnati who stole his kid’s video games and pawned them for next to nothing.

A 28-year-old man ended his weekend visit with his 9-year-old son on Sunday by stealing his child’s video gaming system and games, according to police and court records.Joseph Phillips then went to a nearby game buy-back store and sold his son’s things for about a 10th of their value, according to the Delhi Police Department.

That makes no sense because now when he goes to visit the kid what the hell are they going to do the whole time? Talk? Every try to talk to a 9-year-old? It’s all “cartoon this” and “my balls are getting hair” that and it’s really pretty boring. Video games are the best bonding option a dad could hope for.

Phillips, 28, told police that he is addicted to drugs and has a long criminal history in Indiana.

I’ll take “things you don’t tell cops for $200” Alex. Now I see how he’d cope with visiting his son without video games. Drugs.

Ahh drugs. Is there anything they can’t do?

Dad steals son’s video games, sells them [ via Destructoid]

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