Two Words: Booze Cakes

Two more words. Drunk dad. Drunk off cake. That’s another three.

Booze Cakes: Confections Spiked With Spirits, Wine, and Beer

This gorgeous full-color cookbook features easy step-by-step recipes for a variety of decadent delicacies, including traditional Booze Cakes (Black Forest Cakes and English Trifle) as well as more contemporary cocktail cakes (Pina Colada Cake, White Russian Cupcakes, and Sex-on-a-Beach Cake). There’s even a chapter devoted to cake shots delicious cupcake morsels infused with the flavors of mojitos, kamikazes, and more. These tasty treats are ideal for parties, potlucks, and pitch-ins and this cookbook’s affordable price and adorable format make it the perfect gift for your favorite hostess!

Might be heaven. Might be a grown man, three sheets to the wind, laying on the kitchen floor after eating an entire Pink Champagne Cake or a the whole tray of Jelly Cake Shots. Get the camera. Christmas card time. Dad is making magic.

It’s fine, you can Photoshop his underwear on before you print them out.